Pictures from Poppa

My grandfather, Sidney Kirschner, traded a pack of cigarettes for a camera on his way to Germany as a soldier in WWII.

He has been documenting his life in photographs ever since.

Poppa: I found you another box of pictures

Caroline: I don’t believe you.  I’ve been all over the house, I cleaned you out!

Poppa: It’s a big box!  Old ones, new ones, I started….

Bubbe (shouting in the background): I told him not to bother and just wait until you come.  He won’t know what to do with them anyway, he was just pushing around piles.  Leave them for Caroline, Sidney!

Poppa: She told me to wait.  I’ll bring them over the weekend and you’ll help me?

Caroline: Of course!

Poppa: I don’t know if any of them will be worth putting on the internet, but I thought you’d want to take a look!

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