Pictures from Poppa

My grandfather, Sidney Kirschner, traded a pack of cigarettes for a camera on his way to Germany as a soldier in WWII.

He has been documenting his life in photographs ever since.

Your Stories

To keep the main page focused on Sidney’s incredible pictures, I’m going to avoid posting text, but you have all had such wonderful responses that I thought we should share them.   Sidney (and the whole family ) sees every comment.

Please submit your own comments and stories in the ask box ( ).  If you would prefer to not have your comments posted for any reason, please let us know.


And Australia! He’s definitely got fans in Australia!


I stumbled across your tumblr a few months ago and just wanted to tell you I love it!  I think it’s wonderful the way your family has preserved your grandmother’s story and that you’re now sharing it with the rest of the world.


This blog makes want to get outside and experience life as an adventure instead of a routine. Thank you for that!!


Oh my gosh!! I love this blog! Such sweet memories :)


These are beautiful. I would love to see some of Sidney’s more recent photographs. As a photographer, I know that the camera isn’t what makes a great photo, but I am curious what he used to shoot these photos.  ed - please see note on “about sydney.”


These photos would remind my grandmother very much of her childhood. She’s in her early 80’s and she’d readily recognize some of the things portrayed in these photos as well as relate to them. I find it absolutely beautiful that someone is willing to show something like this. Thank you for this opportunity.


My grandpa was a ranger in n ww2. I hate that I didn’t realize what that ment until it was too late. Please tell your grandpa thank you for these pictures. I follow your blog to see pieces of my grandpas possible past that I never got to ask about. Our generation will never begin to comprehend what you guys and gals had to go through. I would love to see this country do without rubber and gas and stockings today… Thank you for your service, and thank you for sharing your past with us online .


I love the photo of the 3rd Ave L. I live on third ave and I wish it still existed. the buses it got replaced with suck so much.


Gorgeous photographs. Thanks so much for making the internet a more beautiful place. I’m a true fan. xx


Awesome pictures and incredible stories! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for your service!


amazing, inspiring photos! I truly appreciate the story and enjoyed looking at the images with my grandfather. 


This is actually such an amazing blog! Thanks for sharing your grandfather’s pictures!


I love this tumblr, I would love to have a box of old photos to go through & have the stories told. I have a few from my Grandpa Minch.  This photo, reminds me of stories my grandpa has told me about how he & grandma couldn’t afford a honeymoon until he won a trip at work. They went to Niagara Falls, which seems a little more glamorous than a farm with chickens. 


I’m a recent photography graduate and your photos have inspired me to continue on. I hope I can capture people memories as well as you have. Thank you.


Mr. Kirschner, your photos are beautiful. The one of your get-a-way with the chicken’s is great! Glad I got to see them.


Wonderful pictures - I loved these! Thanks for sharing!


I could go through and like all of these pictures, thank you so much for sharing- they are fascinating and just an amazing little look into history and such a sweet family!


I’ve recently discovered your blog. I am moved to tears because of how beautiful these pictures are. They are truly a gem and give us a unique view into a world that my generation never knew. Thank you so much for sharing! - a fellow photographer


Hi! Please thank your grandfather for his service and for sharing his photos and memories. Thank you for creating this space to share them with all of us!


Caroline, looking thru these images has been a real blessing. They are beautiful and some are genuine works of art; the story of your Grandfather and Grandmother is both touching and heart-rending. Sharing these very personal pictures is, in my view, a generous gift. Thank you very much for sharing them, and I wish you and your family all good things

Marion Brew

I just stumbled upon this Tumblr and have spent a solid half hour on it. Keep up the good work, this is a beautiful project!


This is the most adorable tumblr ever and if you don’t think so you’re lying.


I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate this blog and all the photos you’re sharing. This is priceless! I love love love all of these pictures. Please thank your grandfather for sharing them with the world.


I’m sure it’s the fact that my grandfather grew up in Brooklyn, went off to war with the Navy in WWII, moved into the Hudson Valley/Catskill region, and passed away 2 years ago about 3 weeks ago but I’m practically crying looking at these. Thank you


These pictures remind me of the many I’ve seen from my grandfather. I haven’t seen them in so long but seeing your pictures makes me want to look for them and learn more about my family’s WWII background. Great job with these!


I found this blog through reasonsmysoniscrying and I have to say I am so glad they shared it. These pictures are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them!


Dear Mr. Kirschner, I just wanted to send you this little note to tell you how much I love your photographs! Thank you for trading the pack of smokes for the camera!!!!! And thank you for your Service!!! Sincerely, XX


Amazing. Thank you for sharing


A wonderful piece of history. This just made my day. Thank you, Sir.


Thank you for your service, sir, from another generation of those who serve. I do not know what you went through, my deployments are far different than yours were, but I know what it means to be away from family, to be scared, to wish you were home, to fight so others don’t have to. I cannot say enough how grateful I am that the freedoms I uphold were passed to me by men like you. Thank you.


These pictures are simply amazing and perfectly depict what an awesome and different world that that generation grew up in! They are truly the greater generation.


These photos are so beautiful. I’m from upstate New York & love seeing the photos of the Catskills. Your photos remind me a lot of my own family. The shots of the soldiers especially give me a connection to my grandfather that I never had the chance to experience as he passed before I was born. He was in the 29th infantry division in WWII and seeing things through the eyes of someone who was probably a lot like him at the time gives me a glimpse into his past. Thank you so much for sharing.


such a wonderful documentation of the most fascinating generation. thanks for being willing to share with the rest of us.


I don’t have a question - just wanted to tell you I’ve only been browsing these photos for a few minutes & they are amazing! What a treasure for you to not only have the pictures, but to be able to get the stories behind them first hand. Thank you for sharing - Bless you & your family.


I would be so grateful if you would tell Sidney that he is an incredible photographer. It is beautiful to see that photographic art is not just something that is recent, but something that has been going on for decades. The raw emotional in his photographs is just stunning and I love seeing his work on my dash. 


Simply amazing! Keep up the good work <3


these pictures are beautiful. i’m in love.


Reasonsmysoniscrying sent me here - looking forward to sharing your memories!


Such wonderful images! It’s fantastic to see a page dedicated to something truly inspirational. Gives me hope that I’ll be able to find more pages like yours now I’m here! x

This is all really really beautiful, thank you for sharing!

These are so beautiful! I’ve been a little emotional lately but I did not expect to start crying when I visited your page. I think what really hit me was the comment about wishing to have taken more pictures… I think what you have is the definition of “quality over quantity.” Thank you for taking the time to post them!

Hello - This is just a bit of fan mail, I’ve been enjoying your (well, your grandpa’s!) photos and stories and stuff so much I thought I really ought to drop you a short note to say thank you for showing this all. Um, I don’t really have anything clever to say! Just thank you, and it’s all really good. (You don’t need to answer this or anything) 

Hello Sidney! I am a professional photojournalist that has covered everything from war zones to presidents taking office — I absolutely love your photos and this blog. I hope you keep it going — what an amazing life you’ve lived and captured for all of us to have the pleasure of sharing in. Thank you.

Thanks much for posting these up. My grandfather died when I was four in 1984. I was never able to ask him about his life and service in the war. I know he landed on the beaches on D day from his war record but that is all really. it’s very important to keep the past alive and relevant for us today so we don’t lose sight of what is important. And it’s fabulous to see the love your family has for each other!

All of these photos are so beautiful and inspiring; they take my heart and mind to such a different place… Almost like nostalgia, but not quite since I’ve never been there, yknow? I just want to reblog them all! Your grandpa is a wonderful man who has lived an incredible life that I am so thankful you both decided to share it!

These are beautiful. Your grandpa has a good eye for composition and I just love all these pictures. My husband and I are stationed in Japan and feel blessed we could see these.

I love how fashionable your wife was! Women sure knew how to dress! I have enjoyed your pictures very much. My father served….he was apart of the Canadian Army that liberated Holland.

What a treat! Seeing pictures like these through the eyes of someone who went to war for our country. Favorite photo most definitely N.Y.C. skyline on his return to home….

What great pictures - thank you for sharing them

First, thank you for serving and protecting this great country. Your sacrifice is appreciated and valued far beyond my ability to use words to express it. Your images capture what I am trying to create for my own children - passion, pride, love of country and home, and above all, a sense of family. Thank you for giving us a reminder of what this country should be all about.

The photo of the New York skyline returning from war brought tears to my eyes. Returning from war, I can imagine that skyline never looked better. From my generation to yours, thank you.

Your pictures are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing!

hello grandpa~ I m from Hong Kong (humm not sure if you know where is it, its somewhere in Asia) and I m very touched by your pictures. These photos are very nice :) I love it~ thanks grandpa for all the great pics. Have a nice day~*  ed: he does indeed know of Hong Kong and is thrilled to know the pictures have gone so global!

I wasn’t around when these pictures were taken, so thank you very much for taking them! They are a wonderful documentary on an exciting piece of history.

These photos are amazing. What a find! Your grandfather seems like a truly wonderful person. What a rich and wonderful life.

Sidney your Pictures are amazing, thank you for taking them and sharing them

Wow! What an amazing legacy to give to a new generation. My grandfather was in WWII as a Merchant Marine; I loved listening to his stories about adventures in ports all around the world. God bless you for your service to your country, and for documenting what you thought would never be important. It is! “Not being heard is no reason for silence.” —Victor Hugo

All the smiles. I love the pictures.

Your photos are beautiful, what an amazing gift to have your history on film and presented this way. I’m sure your family (and many others) will appreciate this curation! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Seeing from the eyeview of one of our soldiers is a privilege. I’m so proud of our country. Remembering the sacrifices made and the courage put forth pushes me to count my blessings and to be the best person I can. Thank you for sharing

all i can say is wonderful!!!

Mr. Sidney: your pictures are so poignant, they almost made me cry

What a great site! Thank you for sharing with me. :)

I love these pics! Thanks for your service, sir! And thank you to Caroline for bringing this all to light. Has Sidney ever sat for an oral history interview? It’s crucial that we preserve the memories of our servicemen and women for future generations! Be well! Thanks again for sharing! :)

Thank you for all you have done for our country. Thank you also for sharing these wonderful photographs!

I love your blog, these images are so compelling and poignant, thankyou!

Hello from Finland! Thank you and your grandfather for sharing these amazing photos! It’s such a privilege to see them. I love them :) Thank you!

The 1st pic here…I have one of me n my Mom just like it. She was hanging laundry with those adorable shorts on, and I was 3, staying with her. I loved the memories it evoked. Love B&W fotos! That’s all my Dad ever took then…of course! Thank u for sharing. XO

Wonderful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with the rest of us

These are just gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Such touching photos we never would have seen if you hadn’t shared them with the world! What a gift - they are so wonderful to look at :-)

These are just gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing.

You’re amazing, thank you for sharing your story.

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