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My grandfather, Sidney Kirschner, traded a pack of cigarettes for a camera on his way to Germany as a soldier in WWII.

He has been documenting his life in photographs ever since.

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    It’s not perfect; the last bit especially is a bit weird to me. All the italics are bits that I’m not sure about or...
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    Any of my Polish followers wanna help out with this? I’m only well-versed in Polish swearing and the words for food.
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  17. specklez said: It’s Polish alright! It’s a bit more formal than I’m used to so I asked my mother for some help; it’s simply a card sending Sala good wishes on her birthday and the last little paragraph says it’s from someone named “Frymka” (not 100% on the name).
  18. thewynne said: (the address is definitely in German though. “An Fräulein” just means “to Miss ___”)
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    Based on what I know of German, Yiddish, and traditional Polish surnames, it looks like Polish. Also that’s what Google...
  20. seaghdhasuil said: I unfortunately can’t translate it, but I’m pretty sure that’s Polish - it’s definitely not German and I don’t know about Yiddish, but it looks like the Polish in the letters my grandmother has. I could be wrong though!
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